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Resin Art Classes - Post COVID-19

I'm scheduling a FEW PRIVATE classes & workshops! 1-on-1, or up to 3 ppl (friends & family). Out of guests should plan a 3 day workshop. Locals 1- 2 day class. Please fill out the form COMPLETELY, type of workshop (1, 2 or 3 Day). I'll get in touch with you for interview. $275- $795 (serious only)
Resin Art Classes - Post COVID-19

Time & Location

TBD schedule
HalfBakedArt | Artist Studio & Gallery, 900 Hunterhill Dr, Roswell, GA 30075, USA

About the Event

PLEASE READ ALL before submitting a form or buying tickets:

If you are local to the Atlanta area or willing to travel here for a workshop, these are my private resin art workshops. Due to COVID-19, I have a lot of rescheduled classes and not too many openings. I am available for one class per week, with a few slots already filled. I am not going to offer group workshops anymore, but will allow 2 people to come together. (friends or family). I am a high risk candidate for the virus, so you must be willing to respect that and take it seriously to attend. As always, you must be over 21 yrs, without physical limitations and able to stand for long periods of time. I do have wheelchair access to my studio. Street parking (with a uphill driveway) and stairs to reach my art studio. No children, pets or unpaid guests allowed.

All classes start w/ a 20 min phone conversation. Q & A for both of us. I need to know what you want to learn, experience, expectations and commitment. Not everyone is a good fit for my workshops

Schedule date & time

Personalized resin class, designed just for you

Invoice for class **(due on receipt) This locks in your scheduled class date

**includes a $75 non refundable fee for cancellation

Resin Art 101 - The Essentials to Master Epoxy Resin

1 Day Class  $275 

**includes ALL supplies and materials (approx 3 hrs.)

  • how to set up a resin art workspace/studio for success
  • cover many kinds of resins (why that's important)
  • learn the different types of epoxy resin
  • how to choose the right type 
  • the truth about safety, how to protect yourself & why
  • the basic chemistry of epoxy (the key to it all)
  • coloring epoxy (learn w/ what, why, how to choose, and "The Secret")
  • additives & modifiers
  • essential tools & supplies (don't waste $$ on stuff you do not need)
  • learn the basic techniques to create different effects 
  • make a resin art painting or project (& ocean surf painting w/ 2 day class)

2 Day Class  $325  (approx 1-1.5 hrs)  4- 4.5 hrs total class time

       + shipping (if you can't pick up your art)

  • Make a ocean surf painting (in your 1st class)
  • Complete the ocean surf painting (2nd class)
  • Learn additional techniques
  • Learn how to produce MORE effects
  • Practice torching & using a heatgun w/ attachments
  • Class recap, questions answered
  • Learn to professionally finish your artwork

Both Classes Receive:

  1. 10-20 minute phone call (prior to scheduling class)
  2. A personalized class, tailored to your specific wants, experince & skill level
  3. One-on-One instruction
  4. A student discount on any EcoPoxy epoxy resin products & supply purchases
  5. Your artwork(s) are yours to keep
  6. My Class Printout (with includes):
  • materials checklists
  • shopping lists (get the best products at the lowest prices)
  • additives & modifiers
  • essential tools & supplies 
  • expert tips & tricks
  • do's & don'ts
  • troubleshooting
  • Glossary of resin terminology
  • how to set up a resin art workspace

  • 1 Day Private Class
  • 2 Day Resin Class