EcoTrowel is a vertical epoxy. Adhesive, troweling epoxy resin. EcoTrowel is formulated for surface repair and preparation It is a high performance epoxy filler and profiling product. 


25 gram and 100 gram packs. This is a single use size and user friendly.

It is easy to mix and spread, and has a peanut-butter like consistency (contains no peanuts!).


EcoTrowel is lightweight and suitable for an infinite variety of composite, architectural, industrial and art-related applications. It can be applied to wood, concrete - even canvas - to a thickness of 1/2” without sagging or slumping.  It can be easily sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, routered & remains durable for life.


EcoTrowel Benefits:

  • Low Odor, Low VOC’s, Non Toxic
  • 100% Waterproof, Chemical Resistant, Impact Resistant and High Adhesion
  • Can be primed and coated
  • Superior strength and flexibility
  • Spreads easily and remains in place
  • Won’t sag, drag or pull
  • No shrinking when cured
  • Use on flat, vertical or overhead surfaces

EcoTrowel | Epoxy Repair Kits | By EcoPoxy


This sale is final. EcoPoxy epoxy resin products are not returnable. PLEASE read the item descriptions completely and contact with additional questions before you purchase.