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Liquid Plastic 2:1 Ratio 60 LT Kit | Ecopoxy


EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio kit is THE epoxy resin for "river tables" because it can be poured deeper than standard epoxies, mixed with color, pigment, ink, dye, metallics, etc... and when used correctly in optimal climate, is virtually bubble free!

Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio kit contains the original 1:1 formula. It will cure faster and to a harder finish than the 1:1 ratio. You can pour the 2:1 ratio up to 1.75 inches deep in one layers or build up to any depth in 1.5" layers.


Liquid Plastic is a high performance epoxy resin specially formulated for an extended pot time. It has a low exothermic heat buildup which cures to a durable hardness and scratch resistant finish.  It cures slowly, allowing entrapped air bubbles to escape.

Some west coast areas, RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES, OUTSIDE Rural Routes etc... may have delivery fees exceeding my limit
Contact me before purchase and I can give you a UPS shipping quote.


  • *Use indoors without ventilation or respirators.
  • *Crystal Clear
  • *U.V. Resistant
  • *Self-Leveling, High Gloss,
  • *Improves Surface Appearance
  • *Water and Scratch Resistant
  • *Excellent Air Release Qualities and Color Stability
  • *Eliminates Craters, Crawling and Fish Eye
  • *Will not blush or sweat under high humidity
  • *Will not yellow or distort with age
  • Return Policy


    RETURN Policy

    This size product can not be returned. Order a smaller size if you haven't used this before. Contact me with questions or concerns BEFORE ordering bulk sizes. Please read the description completely. This is a modified product and is used at your own risk


    All EcoPoxy sales are considered final. If you need to return product, you must contact me within 72 hrs of delivery for explicit instructions and items must be received within 14 days of sale. Returned products must be unopened, with the seals and arrive in new condition. 

    Return packages are uninsurable (liquid) and any damaged items will be considered a total loss and at your expense. 

    For safely returned items, I will refund the purchase price less ALL shipping and packaging cost + 10% restocking fee.

  • Shipping Procedure

     Shipping for this size may NOT be Free

    PLEASE include your addresss and whether you will receive this item at commercial or residential address. There are additional fees for residential delivery, rural area and extended area deliveries. You will receive an invoice with a UPS quote to be paid before I ship the item.


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