PurEpoxy River Casting Resin is a low viscosity casting epoxy, formulated with a slow exothermic curing process, which allows it to be poured in deeper layers with virtually zero air bubbles! While no brand of epoxy resin can be poured without limitations (total volume and depth) PurEpoxy River Casting Resin surpasses other brands, Available now for purchase in the US and ships same or next business day. Order now and get FREE shipping!  (to 48 states)


PurEpoxy 2:1 Ratio epoxy resin is available in 3 sizes:

1.5 Gallon Kits (fills 345 cubic inches)

3 Gallon Kit (fills 693 cubic inches)

15 Gallon Kit (fills 3465 cubic inches) OUT OF STOCK

(L x W x D = total cubic inches)


For more information about PurEpoxy River Casting Resin visit: https://purepoxy.us


Building a river table? You're going to love River Casting resin by PurEpoxy. Try the newest epoxy resin for river table applications. Crystal clear, virtually bubble-free, pour deep layers and save money. Now available in the US! 

  •  100% solids, low VOC's.
  •  2:1 Ratio epoxy resin
  •  Low viscosity doesn't trap air bubbles 
  •  Fills cracks and holes easily
  •  Mixes easily with color & pigment
  •  Pot life 4 hrs @ 72°F 
  •  Re-coat time 48- 72 hrs @ 72°F (depending on total volume, depth, humidity and temperature) 
  •  Hard to the touch in 72- 84 hours 
  •  Full cure in 7 days
  •  Super hard, durable finish


PurEpoxy River Casting Resin | River Table Epoxy

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$189.00Sale Price

Please visit my other website for step by step instructions, MSDS sheets. A printed copy will be included with every purchase.