Drum set kits from EcoPoxy. UV Poxy and FlowCast are available for professionals who use a lot of product on a regular basis. Both types of resin come with 2 drum containers.


  • The FlowCast 2:1 ratio 600 liter kit includes 400 liters Part A Resin and 200 liters Part B Hardener.
  • The UV Poxy 1:1 ratio 400 liter kit includes: 200 liters Part A Resin and 200 liters Part B Hardener


This size comes with easy to use valves that control the amount dispensed with precision. This item is drop shipped direct to you via frieght delivery. For this reason, you MUST have a commercial business location able to receive frieght delivery. NO RESIDENTIAL addresses or PO Boxes. Must be accessible for frieght truck/tractor trailer.

UV Poxy 400 Liter Drum Set


Your purchase invoice will include freight delivery charges. These will be quotes based on your exact location. The average timeframe for drop shipment is 3- 5 business days plus transit time. Your order processes immediately upon payment received.

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