ON SALE! 8 liter/2 gallon kit. UV Poxy is perfect epoxy for sealing and coating bars tops, table tops, countertops, resin painting, jewelry, resin geodes, coasters, charcuterie boards, woodworking and much more!


  • UV Poxy creates a crystal clear, glass-like finish that preserves, protects and maximizes the beauty of the surface below.
  • UVPoxy bio-based epoxy resin is crystal clear, Eco-friendly, non-toxic and virtually odor free. The safest choice for resin artists.
  • UV Poxy is resistant to ultraviolet light and non-yellowing.
  • UV Poxy blends easily with color pigments for all types of artistic applications.


HalfBakedArt PRO TIPS:

  • For a seal coat, apply 1 - 1.5 oz. per square foot with a high density foam roller and let cure. A second seal coat may be neccessary.
  • UV Poxy self-levels to approx 1/8 inch as a flood coat.  THIS IS THE CORRECT DEPTH!  Any layers too thin or too thick will  not give you the glass-like finish as desired! (top coats are FLOOD coats too!)
  • You should not exceed 1/4 inch deep in a single layer (it will overheat). 
  • Build up multiple layers to any depth.
  • Allow first layer to become hard-to-the-touch (6 - 12 hrs. depending on temp and humidity) before adding another layer.


For deeper pours/layers, use FlowCast casting epoxy It is designed to be poured 0.5 - 1.5 inches deep in one layer.

UVPoxy 2 G/8L Kit | EcoPoxy Epoxy Resin

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