3 pack EcoPoxy Notched Spreader - Epoxy Resin Application Tool. The perfect tool for evenly spreading EcoPoxy on a larger surface area.

This tool gives you 4 spreading options:

  • 1/8" is perfect for thinner sealer coats
  • 3/16" is perfect for most finish coats using approximately 50 sq ft per gallon. (12 - 5 ft² per litre) and giving you a rich glossy finish
  • 1/4" for extra heavy coats that give you this ultra rich glossy, glassy look.
  • Then for scraping and cleaning you can use the flat scraper side.

***These can be wiped clean with a cloth or paper towels and alcohol or acetone immediately after each use and therefore may be re-usable. 

This item is intended to be added to an EcoPoxy order. It will be included in your resin order package and ships for FREE.

I DO NOT sell these separately or ship separately.

V-Notched Spreader 3 Pack | EcoPoxy


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