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Artist Statement

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Jane believes artwork transforms the space in which it’s displayed. Therefore, it should not be random, but chosen. It should reflect the statement or mission, message or purpose of its space or owner. The right piece of art is essential. Size and scale are very important, but its energy (color and form) should be the elements first considered.

Atlanta, Georgia based resin artist Jane Biven has been exhibiting since 2012. Discovering her passion for painting and creative expression later in life is not the disadvantage one might assume. For what she lacks in formal training is overshadowed by her maturity, work ethic and confident self-awareness achieved only through life experience.


Biven's large abstract paintings have been described as bold and explosive, with a dramatic color palette that can be both invigorating and soothing at the same time. Her expressionist paintings reflect her personality through musical inspiration, fascination of the elements in nature, and respect for Fung Shui.


Working predominately with epoxy resin, her fearless approach is unorthodox, rarely using an easel or a brush. The art itself then begins to take on its own path, flows freely, her journey of exploration drives her to constantly refine and improve her original epoxy resin painting technique, 'Alternative Abstraction™'.

Biven turns to painting, a process that she finds absolutely freeing, as both an emotional release and a self-healing ritual, to achieve balance and beauty within herself and on her canvas. Experimentation is part of Biven’s creative process, and if you begin this artistic journey with Jane, you’ll never know where it’ll take you. But expect to be amazed!


jane biven atlanta resin artist

Artist Bio:



Jane Biven is an artist, but not the tortured kind. She’s on a mission to make the walls of your home and/or office as awesome as you are.

Artist statement:

My contemporary abstract paintings are created using my original mixed media technique, "Alternative Abstraction"®. Developed in 2012, my complex process combines ink and fluid acrylics with epoxy resin. Careful layering and manipulation produce vibrant abstracts, bursting with energy, with a glass-like finish. As a self-taught artist, my methods are unorthodox. Rarely will you catch me using an easel or a brush. “I just spill some paint and go with the flow!”


I have mastered the skills and chemistry of my medium, to further develop the process and expand its boundaries. Concentrating on the process, rather than the meaning, my spontaneous creations are purely emotional. l. 

“Music is my sole (soul) inspiration. I always paint to music.
I translate the audible to visual, it's like I paint what I hear...
Lyric and melody become color and form…
As I construct a painting like composing a song.
My paintings are symphonies of color!"

Using only gravity, patience, and self-restraint, my creative ritual can be described as both liberating and exhilarating. I simply “go with the flow”.  I experience a freedom like no other, achieved by relinquishing control to "fluidity", or the natural path of liquid, as it flows thick or thin, into and out of other streams. Colors combining as they wish, resisting the temptation to intervene, while waiting for the perfect moment to add a mist of chemical, causing an eruption of color, or dragging a tool through lines of color.


Fluid motion is beautiful perfection, a natural flow that can be controlled only to a point — which is a good life lesson. It’s about learning how and when to let go. This karmic exercise is quite therapeutic as well. Positive energy flows through me onto my canvas. My art is a book that tells the story of my personal journey. Each painting is a paragraph, each body of work a new chapter.



Contemporary abstract paintings deliver an impact stronger than traditional figurative or subjective paintings. The personal connection of the individual perception/interpretation of an abstraction and its’ ability to command the mood of its audience are powerful. (And often under rated) Makes a first impression on visitors entering the room, creates a feeling, stimulates, or calms the energy within the room, both of which are initiated with color theory.

Want to boost productivity?  Put people at ease? Calm and relax your clientele?  Depending on your business, the atmosphere is an important part of achieving your goals. Did you know certain colors are conducive to “buying” and “spending”?  As well as stimulating conversation or appetite? Instilling trust? Even promoting sleep?

 Whatever your profession, business type or goals, I bet it depends upon people! Clientele, customers, consumers, employees, etc.…Every field can benefit from happy people! I have multiple visual artworks and services designed to meet your specific needs on any budget.

Decorating your surroundings with abstract art is a wonderful way to fill it with your personality. I want my clients to have a home that reflects the lifestyle they’ve always imagined: and projects both the image they’ve worked so hard to build and gives them what they want out of life.

Because individual tastes vary, the pieces you choose say so much about you. They might be stimulating and fun or relaxing and calm. Abstract Art creates a mood and can set the tone when entertaining. Of course, what you choose depends on how it makes you feel. No one else can tell you what you like. You just know. Once you’ve found your favorite pieces decorate around them. Furnish your home with items just like you, unique, imaginative and bold. Large pieces of art love to be the star of the show. Besides, you want original art to stand out, choose colorful pieces. Plus, no one said you can’t show off sometimes. 

Abstract form, bold brushstrokes, sharp contrasts and strong tones will grab your attention immediately. Remember, it’s much easier to adapt your wall paint to match your artwork than vice-versa. So start with the art you love and design a color theme from there. Depending on the kind of ambiance you want in your space, if it is a spot for unwinding after a long day or is it used for entertaining guests? Strictly business or hint of romance? Your vision is totally your own so choose artwork that brings your design to life.

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