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Learn To Make Epoxy Resin Art

Resin art is an expensive hobby or craft. The cost of materials alone is far too high to experiment on your own! Before you waste hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on materials you don't need or know how to use safely or correctly, why not invest in your success?

Whether you are just beginning, or have already experienced a costly disaster, overwhelming frustration or just self-doubt, you nced the best instruction available to give you the knowledge and confidence to master epoxy resin!

Many of my former students were already master craftsmen, woodworkers and talented artists who wanted to expand their craft to include epoxy resin. And many of the most popular and successful resin artists today started with my classes and workshops!

 Resin art painting | River tables | Ocean wave tables | Charcuterie boards  | Geodes | Counter tops  | Casting & molding | And more!