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Epoxy Resin art Classes & Workshops

Master Epoxy Resin Art with Personalized Instruction In My Studio 



  • Each 1-on-1 resin class is customized specifically for you

  • For beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

  • Learn the to use epoxy resin to create all types of resin art

  • Get 1:1 hands-on instruction from an expert resin artist.

  • Outline the "Dos & Don'ts" of epoxy resin pouring

  • Rules of resin - to minimize mistakes & costly errors

  • Explore resin coloring, pigments, additives, techniques and reactive effects

  • I'll teach you more than just "how-to". I explain "why it works" and why some fail

  • How to choose the correct type of epoxy resin for every project

  • List of materials and supplies. Project checklist

  • "Tips and tricks" plus tons of additional information