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Gorgeous splash of color to brighten up a white wall. This one-of-a-kind abstract artwork is a hand-embellished giclee on stretched canvas. 40 x 42 x 1.5 inches.


Get the look of an original resin painting at a fraction of the cost with this canvas print. I added brush strokes, highlights and accents and applied 2 coats of epoxy resin on this Limited Edition. Signed and numbered on the back.


Black, white, orange, pink, yellow, blue and purple. No framing needed. Hardware attached, ready to hang. In stock and ships immediately.


2020 ©Jane Biven| HalfBakedArt. All rights reserved.

Big Colorful, Resin Embellished Canvas Print


Allow 3-4 weeks for print to be made and shipped to me. Then I embellish and apply 2 coats of epoxy resin. Once it has fully cured, I ship to you (within the continental US)

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