Bloxygen protects your investment. It preserves your epoxy resin and extends it's shelf life. Using powerful but safe gas, Bloxygen will allow you to store leftover finishes as long as you want. Bloxygen works on anything that is sensitive to oxygen or moisture when stored. In fact, it preserves varnish, paint, finishes and your other supplies that thicken, harden, skin-over or otherwise perish.

It's called Bloxygen (blocks-a-jen), short for "blocks oxygen." Bloxygen uses a ultra-pure argon gas, collected from our air. While safe and natural, it is also extremely powerful as a preservative.


• oil-based paint • varnish • polyurethanes • catalysts • photo chemicals • tung oil • wood fillers
• urethanes • stains • gunpowder • marine coatings • printing chemicals • sign paints • fuel additives
• autobody chemicals • coffee beans • polyurethane glue • epoxy resin • wine and hops • cooking oils • seeds

INSTRUCTIONS: Use Bloxygen every time the container is opened and closed. Use Bloxygen from the start, leftovers that have already been damaged by oxygen or moisture will most likely thicken again.
1. USE Safety Glasses. Finish can splash!
2. Twist the extension tube into the tip.
3. Hold the list closely above the container and spray towards the side the
container to avoid any splash.
4. Spray 2 full seconds for quarts and 4 full seconds for gallons.
5. Close the lid immediately to seal in the heavy gas.

Bloxygen | Argon Gas Preservative