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Create perfect ocean surf and waves with my white pigment paste. After years of creating and teaching others to master this technique, I have developed the best cell-producing white resin pigment paste.

Together with my wave technique, this is hands down the easiest, most successful, and most consistent ocean surf product.

Made from epoxy resin, this white pigment paste must be mixed with epoxy. It cannot be used alone. It works best with EcoPoxy UV Poxy resin but can be used with other brands of coating resin.

  • Only a tiny amount will produce tons of foamy cells.
  • This container will last you years, making it the most economical choice. Nothing even comes close to the richness and density of this pigment paste. 
  • It does not dry out, even after years of use, as long as you keep the jar tightly closed and stored properly.


Ocean Surf White Resin Pigment Paste for Epoxy Resin Cells


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