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Smart, modern, sleek design. Breathtaking abstract, beautiful color palette, lots of depth and texture! A modern design for urban, industrial decor in your home or office. "Riding the Storm Out" by Jane Biven. Extra Large Limited Edition print on a custom size metal sheet.

Metal prints, also known as Aluminum Prints, offer a vibrancy of color not seen in other types of prints. Because of the way that the image is infused into the aluminum coating, the colors on a metal print are incredibly vivid. This print process is called sublimation. The image is infused into a polymer-coated sheet of aluminum. The Wall Float Mount positions your picture a dramatic ½ inch from the wall.

*Inspired by REO Speedwagon
*Mounting hardware included
*Light weight
*Ready to hang
*100% satisfaction guaranteed

Riding the Storm Out | Metal Print

PriceFrom $219.00

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