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EcoPoxy UV Poxy bio-based epoxy resin is perfect for resin art painting, coasters, ocean waves, cutting boards, serving trays, clear coating, countertops, table tops, resin jewelry, doming, small molding, finishing top coats, seal coats, and more.  


EcoPoxy resins are the only bio-based epoxies. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, No VOCs, and virtually odor free. The safest and greenest epoxy resins available. 


UV Poxy provides a durable, glass-like finish that is maintenance-free, non-yellowing, and scratch resistant. Add a clear coat to your art to intensify the colors and create depth and dimension while adding a layer of protection that will preserve its beauty.


UV Poxy is a high-viscosity epoxy resin that self-levels to 1/16 -1/8 inch and can be easily mixed with resin-safe colors.

It is NOT recommended for river tables, encased live edge wood, filling voids, pyramids, casting blanks, encapsulating, sculpture, or projects requiring a deeper layer (over 1/4 inch).  For these projects, you need FlowCast casting resin or FlowCast SPR.


Each kit contains Part A (resin), Part B (hardener), and detailed instructions for use.

UVPoxy BioBased Epoxy Resin by Ecopoxy

PriceFrom $49.96

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